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School of Dental Health

  • Module 1: The Importance of Dental Care

    A complete dental care program, consisting of regular oral examinations, professional cleaning and treatment, and regular home care, can result in healthier patients. Dental care can be particularly important with periodontal disease, which can affect systemic health, yet is preventable.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.
    CE credits are not available for this module.

  • Module 2: Dental Products

    In a complete dental care program, the entire veterinary team can be the clients’ best resource for education and information about appropriate dental care. Providing personalized home care recommendations that fit the pet owners’ lifestyle, stage of periodontal disease and are tailored to what the pet will accept are crucial.

    This module is currently not available.

  • Module 3: Introduction to Dental Anatomy, Terminology, and Pathology

    It is important to know the normal anatomy and function of the oral cavity, to use the appropriate terms when recording or communicating any findings, and to be able to recognize when abnormal conditions exist. A thorough history, examination and charting can help the dental team discover common conditions and even hidden problems, to provide the best dental care for patients.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.

  • Module 4: The Veterinary Technician’s Role in the Dental Procedure

    From a complete oral examination and recording the findings, to a thorough dental cleaning, the technician is at the forefront of providing professional dental care.

    This module is currently not available.

  • Module 5: Dental Wellness Team

    Providing patient dental care is a team sport. It starts with providing a consistent message to the pet owner from every team member in the practice! When the practice believes the dental care they provide can positively impact the pets’ health, setting goals to improve care can help drive their implementation. Tools to help meet these goals may include getting the proper equipment, providing education and setting up wellness plans.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.

  • Module 6: Building Dental Compliance

    A consistent team message on the benefits of proper dental care, along with client education, can help increase the level of compliance, for both professional and home care. Internal compliance – setting and meeting the goals of oral examinations at every visit, making the appropriate recommendations and scheduling the procedures – is the first step in fostering owner compliance.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.

  • Module 7: Dental Radiography

    It is impossible to provide a proper level of dental care without intraoral radiographs, which often reveal many hidden oral and dental conditions. The biggest challenge is developing proficiency at taking radiographs with the proper angulation for the best image. Good training from the beginning and lots of practice allows the team to make this diagnostic tool an important part of the complete dental examination.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.

  • Module 8: Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management for Dentistry and Oral Surgery

    Appropriate pain management is an essential part of any potentially painful dental procedure or oral surgery. While drug therapy selection and administration of regional nerve blocks should be performed by the veterinarian, the entire dental team should be aware of the concepts of multi-modal pain management. By providing pre-operative, post-operative and local analgesia, the patients will be more comfortable and require less general anesthesia during the procedure.

    This module is currently not available.

  • Module 9: Dental Radiography II

    Learning how to take radiographic images was covered in Module 7. Now, complete assessment of the images, by identifying and evaluating the teeth and supporting structures, will help to discover abnormalities and lesions. You will learn to discern between normal structures and pathological changes, and to recognize artifacts that may mimic disease.

    This Module is Written/Intended Only for Use in North America.

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